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Preparing to Sell

Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Jordan McMakin Realty, Inc.

Spiffing Up a Listing’s Exterior and Interiors can

Mean the Difference Between a Drive-By and a Signed Deal


Clean Up, Fix Up, Fix Up Outside 

  1. Invest in landscaping. A well manicured lawn, neatly clipped shrubbery, cleanly swept walks and blooming plants create a good first impression.
  2. Use a reputable “weed & feed” to make your grass look lush and green. Remember to edge and trim!
  3. Cut back overgrown shrubbery.
  4. Paint your house if necessary. This can probably do more for sales appeal than any other factor. If you decide against painting, at least consider touching up the front door, the front shutters, and window frames. Neutral colors are appealing to a large group of buyers.
  5. Inspect the roof and gutters. Any missing shingles to replace? Gutters and down spouts in place? Need paint or repairs? Repair broken steps, screens, etc…
  6. White flowers make a house look new! Consider putting potted flowers outside the front door. Consider painting the front door. Shades of red, blue and green are appealing next to neutral shades and brick. Shine all metal and brass, clean the glass and consider a pretty, weather proof wreath.



  1. The kitchen is the most important part in the house. Make it bright and attractive. Clean cabinet fronts and replace drawer liners, women will be looking here.
  2. Clean the ventilating hood in the kitchen as well as the oven.
  3. If the kitchen floor is badly worn, put down new flooring. Replace loose tiles.
  4. Remove any appliances that you keep on the counters. Clean counters make the room room look larger.
  5. Leave fresh baked cookies in the kitchen to create an inviting atmosphere.



  1. Repair dripping faucets.
  2. Keep fresh towels in the bathroom.
  3. Use special cleaning products to remove stains from the toilets, bathroom tubs, sinks and showers.
  4. If the sink and bathtub drain too slowly, unclog them.
  5. A strong-smelling deodorant soap makes a great clean scent in the bathroom. Put a new bar out weekly.