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Letter from Jordan

Next Steps for Buyers


Jordan McMakin Realty, Inc.

Now that your home is secured under contract:

I am excited to be working with you and what I hope will be your future new home, but there are a few important hurdles in our immediate future. We will need to review your inspection. We then will need to discuss any issues that may arise from inspection and handle this through an amendment.

Our next important step will make sure we satisfy all lender’s necessary documents and order appraisal, which you will need to pay up front to your lender.  Securing homeowner’s insurance and having all utilities switched over to your name on the day of closing….

Once appraisal is completed we will be approaching closing, funding/purchasing your home. This will be an hour appointment at the title company listed on our contract. You will need your driver’s license and the exact figure in a cashier’s check or wire at closing, provided by your lender.

It is critical to get at least two quotes, Good Faith Estimates, detailing each lenders costs to use them and the interest rate they are willing to offer you.

Your lender will help understanding all of the financial logistics and the title company will be there to handle the procedure of changing the title of this home into your name along with insurance should your title ever be questioned by researching this home’s history to make sure there are no liens or encumbrances on this property.

Feel free to call me anytime during this process, I am your advocate!