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After your House Lists

“Hands On” Selling After your House Lists

Jordan McMaking Realty, Inc.

  1. Schedule an Open House with marketing to neighbors and agents in a 1 mile radius.
  2. Call every agent scheduled to show their clients:
    • Email a packet of helpful information on the:
      • Area
      • Schools
      • Shopping
      • Life Style
      • Hospitals
      • Day Care
  3. Provide an Electronic file of this information to all agents prior to their showing.
  4. Provide Electronic File for Neighborhood and Home features and/or updates Local Parks, Swimming Pools, hike and bike trails and any other unique features to your home.
  5. Coordinate Appraisal
  6. Coordinate Inspections
  7. Provide Seller Settlement Fees breakdown custom to the offer we are accepting
  8. Coordinate closing with Title Company.
  9. Negotiate the best possible scenario financially once inspection process is complete.
  10. Trust in my 27 years of experience along with professional training with negotiations in my arsenal.